Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ladies competing in the Whitewater Grand Prix, Chile

One month ago today was when the 2012 Whitewater Grand Prix finished, many hugs and goodbyes as we all went our separate ways throughout the world.  It seems like forever ago, because since that day I have been dreaming about how incredible those two weeks back in December were.

Racing on the most intimidating courses; the Rio Gol Gol was a massive kick start to the competition, the river had risen 2 feet overnight and we didn't entirely know what to expect.
Re-encountering old friends and meeting new ones; living and paddling together for two weeks we are now friends for life.
WHITEWATER kayaking everyday on the gorgeous Chilean Rivers; having each others backs for safety during training and race runs.
Myself and 10 other routing down Inferno Canyon on the Rio Futaleufu, Patagonia
Getting to this point in my kayaking career has not come without help, I have many people to thank!

My Mom and Dad for being the most supportive and stoked on everything I ever set out to do.
Kyle Hull for helping me find my confidence on the river and off.
Joanne Livingston for continuing so support my kayaking dream after saying goodbye to slalom.
TEVA shoes, my first sponsor ever, they have kept my feet safe and sexy for the past 5 years!
Liquidlogic Kayaks for the fastest and steeziest boat on the market- the Remix, I named my red one 'Patty' after I put her down in a fresh cow patty at the Palguin.  Shane and Woody have been so positive and supportive of me every since I was a shy skinny kid looking for some floor space to train on the Green.
Shred Ready helmets, my head is so thankful!  Tom you have been so great and always helpful!
Astral Buoyancy for keeping me a float this past year with the Green Jacket, can't wait to try the new model!
Immersion  Research for keeping me dry and styling down in Chile and Argentina.  Thank you!
Lendal Paddles for helping me in EVERY way they could!!  I am so proud to test your paddles!

I am proud to share with you this incredible 'short film' called 'WOMEN of the WHITEWATER GRAND PRIX' by Erin Galey, showcasing myself and the 6 other ladies who competed in the WWGP.  Enjoy!

Women of the 2012 Whitewater Grand Prix from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

Thank you again SO MUCH!

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